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We don’t have to tell you that in the last couple of years, Rose Gold has exploded onto the scene, appearing almost everywhere you can think of. It’s in home decor products, jewelry and even on our cell phones.

This super on trend colour, Rose Gold Metallic paints a soft and fun punch of pink, that we could easily see being used on a side table or a detailed stencil against a crisp white background. Or perhaps around an old mirror from a thrift store for a more chic look!

Perfect for adding the slightest pearlescent accent that works beautifully with just

These metallic paints work just as our regular Fusion Mineral Paints do! Apply to virtually any surface, follow the same prep rules and you’re all set to add some metallic to your decor!

Metallics by Fusion Mineral Paint are a collection of nine water-based iridescent colours formulated exactly like our original Fusion Mineral Paint. very easy to apply and self-leveling, Fusion Metallics require minimal prep work and provide a gorgeous finish. The greatest difference between our metallics and others on the market is that we use Mica pigments, which show a true iridescence!

Fusion Metallics come in 250mL jars, which will cover approximately 40 square feet; big enough to paint a piece of furniture. Also, it is formulated to leave virtually no brush strokes!

Fusion Metallics are non-toxic, lead free, virtually odorless, have no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and contain no ammonia or formaldehyde.