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The “Calm Foxes” A1 Decoupage Paper from Redesign with Prima® offers a serene and nature-inspired design with its tranquil, neutral tones. Featuring a family of handsome foxes, surrounded by wildflowers and textural collage layers, this decoupage paper brings together elements of wildlife and botanical beauty. Whether you’re working on DIY, scrapbooking, or any other creative endeavor, the “Calm Foxes” paper will infuse a touch of natural charm and artistic depth. Redesign’s A1 Decoupage Paper is created with a unique printing process and sturdy paper, allowing you to create unique and personalized decor pieces. A high-quality material built on flexibility, ease of use and durability, our new Decoupage Fiber will surely give you incredible results and applications. Made of a high density, fibrous material, Decoupage Fiber is designed to be used on any surface, from furniture to walls, with a wrinkle-free surface that will provide incredible results. This tear-resistant, non-wrinkling, and ultra versatile material is compatible with most water-based mediums, and will completely blend into your surfaces without any cracking or warping. Pair with our Decoupage Gel in Matte or Shine for best results.