With over 25 years of experience in the furniture industry, I have developed a deep passion for breathing new life into old pieces. My journey began as a furniture salesperson, where I gained invaluable knowledge about different styles, craftmanship, and design.  Over the years, I've witnessed the beauty and potential hidden within worn-out furniture, and it inspired me to embark on a creative endeavor.  Today, I proudly specialize in painting and upcycling furniture using premium products such as Fusion Mineral Paint, Annie Sloan Paint, and Redesign with Prima.  These exceptional materials allow me to transform tired, outdated pieces into stunning works of art.  From vintage dressers to forgotten chairs, I take pleasure in restoring their former glory and giving them a fresh vibrant look.  Every Piece I work on tells a unique story. I approach each project with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that the furniture's character and original charm are preserved while infusing my own artistic touch. Whether it's creating a distressed, shabby chic finish or reviving a mid-century modern beauty, I take pride in making old, run-down furniture happy again.  

Thank you for visiting Life's Rosie.  I look forward to helping you with furniture painting and upcycling decisions.